The best restaurants in London with a luxury escort, join our high class escorts

Having a date with luxury escorts of London is a blessing. After selecting a high class escorts you've inquired about her and found that she will be available when you’re in capital of UK. We all know that first impressions count for us a lot. Taking an escort to a classy restaurant will go a long way towards making a good impression. Below we’ve compiled a list of the hottest, most romantic restaurants in London.

London with a luxury escort, join our high class escorts

1. Hutong

Hearing that she is going to the Shard for a meal is enough to pique any girl's interest. The Shard is the tallest building in the UK and the forth-tallest building in Europe. Hutong is a Northern Chinese restaurant on the 33rd level of the Shard, famous for its Peking duck. It is on every Londoner’s list as one of those must-visit restaurants. It is a gloomily lit restaurant with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering breathtaking, panoramic views of city. The Shanghai private dining room affords one a spectacular view of the City of London and Tower Bridge. The Beijing private dining room has views of the London Eye and of St Paul’s cathedral. It’s most romantically appealing feature are its intimate and two-person tables. These tables are lined up along a tiny vertical corridor, meaning that no-one can walk past you. Coupled with a good window view, the exquisite cuisine dinner at the Shard will definitely secure a good first impression with an escort. If you make arrangements with the restaurant, they can make special arrangements to suit your romantic plans. Make sure to make reservations early at this restaurant.

2. Aqua Shard

This restaurant is on the 31st level of The Shard and serves traditional British/European meals. Unlike Hutong, a quick glance at the menu will tell you all you need to know about a meal without needing further clarification from a waiter. Despite being a bit pricey, you’ll get to sample skillfully rendered and modern British meals. If you’re lucky enough to get a table by the window and are there at around sunset, you’ll get to enjoy one of the most romantic experiences possible in London with the an escort. Many diners, who aren’t willing to experiment with exotic dishes prefer this restaurant to its counterpart on the 33rd floor. As a result, it’s usually packed at peak times. Make sure to book early if you want a good table.

3. Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard is a Soho restaurant that serves luxury English and Russian meals to its customers. Clientele include Tom Daley and Prince Harry. This restaurant is famed for its “Press for Champagne” button installed on every table. Its owners claim to have sold more champagne than any other restaurant in the entire United Kingdom. The menu offers Russian foods like borscht and zakuski. In true Russian fashion, the first page of the menu lists shots. This restaurant which caters to groups of four, has only two tables for two and is perfect for double dating with escorts. If you’re nervous on a first date, who better to have than your wing man to get you out of sticky situations? Whether you choose to double date and seat in the blue train-styled booths or seat alone with your date, nothing will stimulate her more than the aphrodisiac oyster specials and check here a bottle of Rose Majeure champagne. Reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance.

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